Fidelity Shipping

An In-House Vendor-Account Manager
for Tank Oil Shipping and its Divisions

Fidelity Shipping – The U.S. arm to a South American company

We understand it can be difficult working with various providers around the world. In a sea of companies, sometimes it’s hard to know who you can trust. Out of a desire to distinguish ourselves from the rest, Fidelity Shipping was born.

Fidelity Shipping, in tandem with Tank Oil Shipping USA, LLC., was established to bridge Tank Oil Shipping SAS to American soil. For ease of mind of our customers, we only use American bank accounts, and all transactions are processed in US dollars.

Fidelity Shipping generates all invoices on behalf of Tank Oil Shipping for operations in Colombia, Panama, and Peru. For accounting purposes, it makes more sense to work with our providers and vendors through our US operation.

Please feel free to reach out to our team at the contact info below for more information about Fidelity Shipping, Tank Oil Shipping, LLC., or our other divisions.